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Check your local sex offender registry Thank you for visiting This site is here to educate those of us who are ready to take an honest look at what it takes to protect our children from sexual abuse. In order to best protect our children we must begin by understanding who poses the true threat. This is no easy task because the media and society at large keep us misinformed. We are bombarded with messages about "stranger danger". As children we were told not to accept candy from or talk to strangers. Today, we arm our children with the same message with hopes that it will keep them safe. Not only is the message incorrect, it leaves our children more vulnerable. While looking over their shoulders to avoid strangers they fail to see the real danger when it is right in front of them. By the time they recognize the real threat, often it's too late. The fact is, less than 3% of victims are perpetrated by strangers. Over 97% of all victims (and their parents) knew the predator prior to the abuse.

While predators come in many shapes, sizes and colors, they almost always share three common attributes; they have access & opportunity to violate our children and they have established a level of trust. Rarely does Stranger Danger come in to play. More often than not it is Relative Danger. The Predators are family, friends, and trusted members within our community. While this may be uncomfortable to accept, it is true! Until you are ready to accept this truth you will be unable to provide the education and protection our children deserve.

Over the course of the last 10 years I have interviewed these Predators in Prison and on the Streets. I have come to see patterns in how they target, groom and ultimately violate children. I have used to knowledge to not only educate Parents as to how to protect their children. Perhaps more importantly, I am eager to teach parents how they can teach their children to be safe.

Please take time to learn more about my books, lectures and victim services. I am happy to answer your questions direct you to resources and support you in protecting your children.

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