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Please Knock...   $19.95
This is a children's book with poems about personal boundaries, secrets and other relevant topics. It is simply written for children and assists parents in discussing important issues. The message of each poem is amplified with the captivating and thought provoking pen and ink drawings by accomplished illustrator John Woods Jr..

"Everything about 'PLEASE KNOCK' is simply a book that I recommend to families to 'PLEASE READ'."

Jenny Herrick, RN,BAS,DTM,CLL
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  Relative Danger   Coming Soon
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The adult book to accompany 'Please Knock!'. Adults need to be educated and accept assistance in teaching and coaching their children. Relative Danger discusses sexual offenders, victims of sexual abuse, patterns of abuse and the cycle that allows a perpetrator to abuse a child. With this knowledge parents can take the first step towards admitting that all children can be victimized BUT with the correct knowledge we can arm ourselves and our children for safety.
Please Knock!
Only $19.95
Please Knock! has been awarded the "IPPY 11th National Independent Publisher Book Awards" Bronze medal for Children's Picture Books age 7 and up!
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